360 Drilling

Specialised Drilling Applications

Specialised Drilling Applications

The 360 Drilling team has substantial human resources with sound technical and practical drilling experience, built up over many years of competent underground drilling, gained initially across the rich mining region of the Western Australian Goldfields.

This drilling experience, along with modern ITH drilling techniques, practices and processes, are deployed by the company across Australia. With our drill crews and equipment constantly mobilising across the country, supporting our clients' mining endeavours with our specialised drilling applications.

Drill Metres 2006–2007 Year
44,300 metres

Standard Drill Hole Capabilities

Standard drill hole capabilities range from 85mm to 305mm in diameter, to a distance of 200m plus in any direction covering a radius of 360 degrees.

With the following applications in:

Non Standard Drill Hole Capabilities

We are currently enhancing the company's drilling capacity via an expanded ITH capability into specialised larger holes ranging from 508mm, 660mm, 762mm diameter with the option to push or pull with specialised drill assemblies and gang hammers.

Further details are available on request.